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Kirton - North Lincolnshire

    Entry from White's Directory for 1842
KIRTON-in-LINDSEY is a small but ancient market town, pleasantly seated on a commanding eminence, on the western ridge of the Wolds, 8 miles S.W. of Glanford Brigg, 10 miles N.E. by E. of Gainsbro', and 18 miles N. of Lincoln. It increased its population from 1542, in 1831, to 1769 souls, in 1841; and its parish contains 4585 acres of land, partly freehold, but mostly leasehold and copyhold, held by Sir M. J. Cholmely, and the Fox, Fowler, Richardson, and many other families, some of whom have neat mansions here, the largest of which are Kirton Grange, the seat of Thos. Fowler Esq.; and Mount Pleasant, the seat of J. R. T.Richardson Esq. The Manor and Soke of Kirton has a paramount jurisdiction, extending over several other parishes. It anciently formed part of the possessions of the Earls of Cornwall, and since 1337, it has been a parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, now possessed by the infant , Prince of Wales, that Duchy always being held by the heir apparent to the crown. Robert Moreton, the first Earl of Cornwall, received a grant of Kirton soon after the Norman Conquest. R.R.Fox Esq., holds the manorial estates, under the Duchy of Cornwall, and Charles Holgate, Esq., coroner, is a steward of the Manor and Soke, for which courts are held in the Duchy Court House, a neat brick building, on the Kirton Green, where the records are kept. The custom of Borough English still prevails in this manor. Quarter sessions for the North Division of Lindsey, are held here on the Fridays of the usual weeks; and here is a large House of Correction and Sessions House. The latter is in the centre of the main front, and has a spacious Court Room, which is used also as a chapel. Over it is the Grand Jury Room, and on the west side are the gaoler's apartments. The north wing is appropriated to male, and the south wing to female prisoners.
The Market, held every Saturday, is not of much importance, but here are still two large fairs, on July 18th, and Dec. 11th, for cattle, horses,pedlery, &c.


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