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Whites Gazeteer 1842 (Read 14408 times)
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Whites Gazeteer 1842
17. Jun 2006 at 15:49
Winterton, an extract from Whites Gazeteer and directory of Lincolnshire 1842
Winterton is a small market town, having two fairs for cattle, &c., on the Tuesday before Palm Sunday and on the 23rd September., a feast or pleasure fair on July 6th, and a weekly corn market every Wednesday, established some years ago, and generally attended by dealers form Wakefield, Doncaster, and other places.  Being situated on the eastern side of the wold hills, 2.5 miles south of the Humber, nearly 2 miles west of the Ancholme, 8 miles W.S.W. of Barton, and 10 miles N.N.W. of Brigg, it enjoys all the freshness of the sea breeze, without the excessive moisture of the places on the shore of the Humber; and many of its inhabitants live beyond the general standard of human longevity.  Its parish contained 773 inhabitants in 1801; 1015, in 1815, in 1821; 1295, in 1831; and 1373, in 1841; and comprises 3628 acres of land, including a tract of fertile cars and ings, near the River Ancholme.  This was one of the 33 lordships given by William the Conqueror to Norman D`arcy, whose descendants held it for several centuries.  Samuel Slater, Esq., of North Carlton, is now lord of the manor, but the greater part of the soil belongs to various freeholders the largest of whom are W.C.W. Clarke, Jph. Dent, John Richardson, J. Baratt, A. Wilkinson, and C. and J. Holgate, Esqrs., and Lady Boynton who owns and occupies the Hall.  Messrs. Richardson and Holgate, and Mrs Lawrence are the impropriators.
The town is about half mile west of Ermine Street, and has evidently been occupied by the Romans, for, in 1747, three beautiful tessellated pavements were discovered at the foot of the hill on Cliff farm.  One of them was 30 feet long and 9 feet broad, and represented a figure of Orpheus playing on a harp, surrounded by beasts, with wine vessels at the corners.  One of the others was 44 feet long by 15, and had in its centre a figure of Ceres holding a cornucopia; and on the third was a stag in the act of bounding. The late Mr. Wm. Fowler, of this place, copied and engraved these Roman relics, and also many other antiquities, with such accuracy and skill, that he received the patronage and praise of Sir Joseph Banks, the Society of Antiquaries, the Royal Family, and and of all possessing a taste for antiquities, architecture and the fine arts.  About 20 years ago, he published a splendid collection of prints, representing Mosaic pavements, stained glass windows, %c., all drawn form the originals, and engraved and coloured by himself.  This was the result of many years indefatigable labour and research.  Wm. Teanby, who died about 30 years ago, aged about 90, was for many years the parish schoolmaster; and for a long period before his death, he had in his house his coffin and tombstone, using the former for a cupboard, and the latter for a table. Another eccentric inhabitant of Winterton was Jonathan Dent, Esq., who died aged 91, after amassing a considerable fortune by industry and parsimony.  At his own request, he was buried in his garden, where a tomb has been raised to his memory, and the cottage encased with stone, in the of a sepulchral chapel, by his heir, J. Dent Esq., of Ribston Hall, Yorkshire.  In the place where the tessellated pavements were found, there were also discovered the foundations of walls, a bath, a large brass eagle, Roman bricks, tiles, &c., and on the Northlands farm, a well, supposed to have been constructed by the Romans, was opened a few years ago, and found to contain a curious horn, and bits of iron and bone.  a petrifying spring, called holy Well, near the town, was formerly in repute for great medicinal virtues, and the bushes around it were decorated with rags left by those who partook of the water.
The church (All Saints) is a neat and spacious cruciform structure, with a tower at the west end, and has lately been thoroughly repaired.  It was much injured during the civil wars in the reign of Charles 1., but was afterward repaired, chiefly at the expense of Mr. Thos. Place.  the lower part of the tower of Norman architecture, and the rest of the building is in the acutely pointed early English style.  On the floor of the chancel, is an old tombstone, inlaid with brass, representing Jno. rudd, Merchant of the staple," lying between his two wives.  The vicarage valued in K.B. at 8, is in the patronage of the Crown, and incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Smith, who has, in lieu of tithes, a yearly modus of 82, and an allotment awarded at the enclosure of the commons.  Here is a Wesleyan, and also an Independent chapel.  the Church land, for repairing the building, is 2a. 3r., let for about 10.  Richard Beck, in 1728, left two yearly rent charges out of the water mill at Barrow, to this parish, viz.,-3. 3s. for schooling poor children, and 2. for the sick and lame poor.  The poor parishioners have also 5 a year, left by Mary Goodchild, in 1820; and 20s. a year, left by one Nevil, at some unknown date.  A large National School for 200 children, was built on the north side of the church, in 1841, at the cost of about 400, raised by subscription, and two small grants from the Lords of the Treasury and the National Society.
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Re: Whites Gazeteer 1842
Reply #1 - 17. Jun 2006 at 15:50
Drectory of Winterton 1842
Gilding Hy., Postman, Letters received and despatched daily.
Atkinson Mr. Richard
Boynton Lady, Winterton Hall
Coopland Mrs Mary Esther
Everatt Mrs. Harriet
Fowler Joseph, Architect
Fowler Mrs. Eliz.
Foster Miss.
Gibson Rt., Rope and Sacking Manfr.
Hayes Mrs. Jane
Moises Mrs.
Holmes John, Farrier
Keal John, Farrier
Hornsby Mr. Joseph
Hutson John, vetinary Surgeon
Marris Wm., Wine and Spirit mercht.
Maxstead George, Solicitor
Nicholson William, Cooper
Richardson Jno. Northlands House
Randson John, Timber and Brazier
 Smith Samuel, Earthernware Dealer
Smith Rev. Thomas, Vicarage
Teanby George L. Bacon & Flour Factor
Winn Robert, Baker
Brown Rev. Rt. N. Independant Minister
Smith Rev. Thos.
Tomlinson Thos.
Chapman Edwd.
Martin John
Ross George
Boot and Shoe Makers
Backhouse Benj.
Booth James
Cockin Thomas
Cousin John
Frow Samuel
Jackson John
Johnson JohnMetcalf David
Michealwait Rd.
Nassau George
Bray Mathew
Lumley George
Tock Wm.
East Robert
Nicholson John
Norwood John
Oldfield Wm.
Walker Leadham
Corn Merchants
Burkhill Isaac, Cliffe
Lawtey Phillip & Co. and Coal
Corn Millers
Harrison Henry and Brewer
Lockwood Jas.
Robinson Thos.
Robinson Thos. and Son
Cromack Fras.
Nassau George
Nassau Thomas
Phillipson Saml
 Graziers &c.
Barratt John
Beacock Mathw.
Blanshard John
Blanshard Nchls.
Bust Martin
Burkhill Isaac
Goodwin Jarvis
Goodwin John
Jackson John
Norwood Chas.
Norwood Wm.
Scott William, Holmes
Stephenson Jno., Field
Walsham James
Westoby Abraham George
Marked * also Drapers
Beacock John
Cumberworth W.
Easton James
*Naylor Jph., and Spirit Merch.
Nicholson Ann
*Robinson Thomas and Son
Morley henry
Thompson wm.
Butchers Arms, Wm. Oldfield
Cross Keys, Hy. Long
George Inn, Wm. Cross
Girdley Wm.
Lumley George
Nicholson John
Joiner &c.
Brumby Wm.
Clark Thomas
Gray John
Gray Robert
Staniwell John
Machine Makers
Beacock Mathw.
Brumby Wm.
Goodwin John
Lawley Phillip
Goodacre Mary
Havercroft My.
Johnson C. & R.
Nassau Sar. Ann
Phillipson Sar.
Street Elizabeth
Plumbers &c.
Smith Charles
Thompson John
Gelder Edward
Spring Charles
Straw hat Makers
Frow Mary
Gilding Isabella
Randerson E.
Rhodes sarah  
Bennett Lucas M. (& Registrar
Sadler Joseph
Bramley Henry
Cheesman wm.
Osborn Wm.
Thompson John
Thompson Wm.
Langley George
Robinson John
Gray John
Tock Thomas
Hall Samuel
Wray Wm.
Gilding George, To Hull, Tues & Fri.
Gilding Hy., To Brigg, Daily
Wells Thos., To Barton, Brigg & Hull  
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