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Whites Gazeteer 1842 (Read 20870 times)
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Whites Gazeteer 1842
17. Jun 2006 at 15:45
Kirton-in-Lindsey, an extract from Whites Gazeteer and directory of Lincolnshire 1842
KIRTON-in-LINDSEY is a small but ancient market town, pleasantly seated on a commanding eminence, on the western ridge of the Wolds, 8 miles S.W. of Glanford Brigg, 10 miles N.E. by E. of Gainsbro', and 18 miles N. of Lincoln. It increased its population from 1542, in 1831, to 1769 souls, in 1841; and its parish contains 4585 acres of land, partly freehold, but mostly leasehold and copyhold, held by Sir M. J. Cholmely, and the Fox, Fowler, Richardson, and many other families, some of whom have neat mansions here, the largest of which are Kirton Grange, the seat of Thos. Fowler  Esq.; and Mount Pleasant, the seat of J. R. T.Richardson Esq. The Manor and Soke of Kirton has a paramount jurisdiction, extending over several other parishes. It anciently formed part of the possessions of the Earls of Cornwall, and since 1337, it has been a parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, now possessed by the infant , Prince of Wales, that Duchy always being held by the heir apparent to the crown. Robert Moreton, the first Earl of Cornwall, received a grant of Kirton soon after the Norman Conquest. R.R.Fox Esq., holds the manorial estates, under the Duchy of Cornwall, and Charles Holgate, Esq., coroner, is a steward of the Manor and Soke, for which courts are held in the Duchy Court House, a neat brick building, on the Kirton Green, where the records are kept. The custom of Borough English still prevails in this manor. Quarter sessions for the North Division of Lindsey, are held here on the Fridays of the usual weeks; and here is a large House of Correction and Sessions House. The latter is in the centre of the main front, and has a spacious Court Room, which is used also as a chapel. Over it is the Grand Jury Room, and on the west side are the gaoler's apartments. The north wing is appropriated to male, and the south wing to female prisoners.
The Market, held every Saturday', is not of much importance, but here are still two large fairs, on July 18th, and Dec. 11th, for cattle, horses,pedlery, &c.
The Church (St. Peter & St.Paul) is a massive building of the early pointed architecture, consisting of a tower and nave, with middle and side aisles. At the end of each aisle is a part separated by screen work, each of which contains a piscina; these were probably once used as chapels. The chancel, which, from its circular headed windows, may be considered a Saxon structure, contains some curious oak seats, with lions couchant', carved on their pommels. It is entered on the south side by a square-headed doorway, surmounted by a circular chevron arch, the space beneath being filled up by an assemblage of runic knots. The Sub-dean of Lincoln is appropriator of the rectory, and patron of the vicarage, which is valued in K.B. at 6. 13s. 4d., and now at 249, in the incumbency of the Rev. D.S.Weyland, for whom the Rev. Robt. Ousy officiates. At the enclosure, 740 acres of land were allotted for the rectorial tithes, and it is now held on lease by Sir M.J.Cholmely, of the Sub-dean. The vicarial tithes are paid b a yearly modus. The Church Land was exchanged at the enclosure for 8A. 3R. 12p., now let for 17. 10s. per annum, besides which there is a yearly rent-charge of 1. 5s. for the reparation of the church. A neat Wesleyan chapel was built here in 1840, in lieu of an old one. Here is a Primitive Methodist Chapel, and another belonging to the Baptists.
By a decree of the Court of  Exchequer, certain "escheate lands," which had from time immemorial belonged to the parishioners, were in the 19th of Elizabeth appropriated to the support of a Free School, which was formerly conducted as a Grammar School, but since 1816, it has been conducted on the national system. At the enclosure, in 1793, the old school lands were exchanged for 3a. 2r. 32p. now let for 77 per annum, of which 50 is paid to the master, and the rest is expended in books, stationery, coals,&c. The present schools and masters house were built in 1816, at the cost of 200. There were seven scholarships, and two fellowships at Magdalen College, Cambridge, founded by Sir Christopher and Lady Wray, and to which scholars from Kirton school were eligible by preference; but it does not appear that they have ever been claimed by any boys of Kirton. The fellowships are each endowed with 60 per annum, and the scholarships with about 3 per annum. The poor parishioners have the following yearly doles; viz., 30s. from the "town yard," left by Rd. Torksey in 1679;--4 from the Poor Close allotted at the enclosure;--7. 12s. From Hawcroft-close, left by Mary Turner in 1741;--and 3 from Mrs Shore's estate, supposed to have been left by one Hopkinson, though Mrs Shore considers it a voluntary gift. Here is an Infant school, built by subscription in 1837, through the exertions and liberality of the present curate, who has a respectable boarding school in the town.
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Re: Whites Gazeteer 1842
Reply #1 - 17. Jun 2006 at 15:47
Mr John Jackson Frow, Post-master. Letters recieved at half past two afternoon, and despatched half past eleven morning.
Cook mrs Dinah // Foster Mrs Margt.
Everatt Ann, matron House of Court
Fox Richard Ruxton Esq.
Fowler Thos. Esq., Kirton Grange
Fox Richard, toll collector
Guy Wm. lime burner
Hayward thomas, gentleman
Hewenline Fras. Gilbert, gent
Hill Thomas, turnkey
Hind Mr Robt.// Hill Mrs Hannah
Johnson Mrs Hannah
Kennington Robert, painter
Lee John, gaoler
Moss Mrs Ann// Pilfoot Mr Thomas
Parkin George, court baliff
Richardson John R.T.Esq Mt. plsnt
Richter Rev. R.W. chaplain of gaol
Scarcliffe Miss Eleanor
Skinner Mrs Jane
Smith Thomas, hair dresser
Summers Wm. cattle dealer
Turner Mr Richardson
Thorp John, land surveyor
Watkinson Mrs Ann
Winley John, breeches maker
Caistor Wm. (national)
Goodliffe Rev. Wm. (Bapist)
Onshy Rev. Rt.A.M.(boarding)
Popple charlotte (infant)
Smith Elizabeth and Harriet
Tickler Ann Holmes
Farmer's, Robt. P.Tickler
Sun, Redshaw Spring (& bookseller)
Yorkshire, Joseph Howlett
Black Swan Inn, Mathew Binns
Crown, John Kendall
George Inn, ( and excise office,) Jno. Chappill
Lord Nelson, John Proudlove
Red Lion, John Smith
Unicorn, John Watmough
Waggon & Horses, Thos. W
Holgate Chs. Hy. (coroner and manor steward)
Howlett Joseph
Thorpe George
Hill John Motley Thomas
Rayner Wm.
Doulman Wm.
Hall Samuel
Hather Wm.
Jackson Sarah
Parkin John
Thackray Geo.
Thackray Wm.
Abey Jarvis
Clixby Aaron
Aby William
Atkinson Wm.
Clixby Smith
Hall Joseph
Lockwood Wm.
North Wm.
Parkin John
Penn Thomas
Tuxford George
Firth George
Hollingsworth Ja.
 Petch Andrew
Petch George (& lime burner)
Petch Geo. sen.
Rowley James
Nash Wm.
Parkinson John
Thompson Geo
Atkinson John
Cooper George
Cooper William
Herringshaw Ts.
Hutchinson Jno.
Wilson George
Gibson Job
Tickler Robert Preston
Pindar Wm.
Ranby John
Stainton Edmund
Wiglesworth Ed.
*Akes Mattw. (& grazier)
Akes Thomas
Allen Robert
Barnard Amazh
*Cook Joseph
Dry Benjamin
Hather Thomas
Hunsley Wm.
Milner Isaac
Moss John
Osburn Joseph
Peel Charlotte
Pycook Thomas
Scarborough Jas.
Skinner Thomas
Smith Charles
Todd Wm.
Travis Joseph
Travis Thomas
Wattam Joseph
Wharlton John
* ARE ONLY FLOUR &c. Dlrs.
*Brown Ann
Cockrill Richard
Darkins Wm.(& stamp vendor)
Dixon John
Fowler |Wm.
Hill John
*Gilbert Frances
Lee Louisa
*Lee Samuel
Naylor Wm.
Reed & Cundall (& hatters &c.)
Ellerby Jph. (& tinner & brzr.)
 Ackrill John
Clark John
Colley John
Hutchinson John
Marris Joseph
Picksley Samuel
Slieght Henry(cabinet Maker)
Travis Robert
Hall Wm. (brewr.)
Moss Thomas
Fox Cht. & Jane
Parkinson Sarah
Picock Ann
Smith Eliza
Smith Mary
Spring Mary
Wilkinson Mary
Stothard John
Wilson Abraham
Bland Richard
Cockrill Richard
Sims James
Spring Edward
Ackrill MAry
Day Charlotte
Marris Rebecca
Tuxford Sus.
Aston Joseph
George Henry
Fox George
Palmer Robert
TAILORS & Drprs.
Barkworth Geo.
Coachefer John
Foster John
Garbutt Wm.
Marris Wm.
Newson John
Scarcliff John
Smith Thos. W.
Smith Wm.
White John
Colton Sml. (machine maker)
North John
Picksley Samuel
Walker Wm.
Woodhall Wm.
Wooffindin John
To Gainsbrorough Tue; & Brigg Thursday
Adder Wm.
Bennett James
Fenwick Cornls.
Hargreave Jph.
& Jno. (Van North Thomas)
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