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03. Jul 2020 at 13:26
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Whites Gazeteer 1842 (Read 11792 times)
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Whites Gazeteer 1842
17. Jun 2006 at 15:18
Appleby, an extract from Whites Gazeteer and directory of Lincolnshire 1842      
Appleby, a pleasant village, on the Roman road from Lincoln to Winteringham, 7 miles N. by W. of Brigg, has in its parish 505 souls, and 5180 acres of land, including the scattered farms, commons, and plantations, of High and Low Santon, and Raventhorpe, on a sandy ridge and declivity of the wolds, from 1.5 to 4 miles S.S.W. of the village; and a long tract of fertile marshes or cars, on the west side of the River Ancholme.  on the western side of the parish; about Santon, a light blowing sand prevails; but some of the most sterile parts are covered with thriving plantations.  Charles Winn, Esq., is lord of the manor, and owner of most of the soil, and the rest belongs to R. C. Elwes, Esq., the Earl of Yarborough, and a few smaller owners.  Among the sands of Santon was a Roman Pottery, of which the remains of the furnace, and numerous fragments of urns and pots, together with several coins, a large brass cross, &c., were found some years ago.  Near the Roman road was a Julian Bower, of which there were distinct traces till the middle of the last century.  On the east side of the road about a mile south of Appleby is Thornholm, now only a farm, where there was a Priory of Augustine cannons, founded by King Stephen, and valued at 155. 19s 6d., in 1538, when it was dissolved and granted to Charles Duke of Suffolk.  The foundations of this monastery may still be traced.
The parish Church (St. Bartholomew) was rebuilt some years ago, and is a handsome structure.  the pulpit and communion rails are ornamented with some rich;y carved oak panels, &c., of ancient workmanship, representing events in the life of Christ, and said to have been executed by "Anthony of Trent."  an altar tomb, formerly surmounted by a canopied niche, contains rich tracery, but it has been robbed of its brasses.  The vicarage, valued in K. B. at 10. 4s., and now at 150, is enjoyed by the Rev. Eric Rudd, of Thorne, and is in the patronage of C. Winn Esq.
Residents of Appleby in 1842
AddisonThomas, Wheelwright
Boothby Thomas, Shopkeeper
Brown John, Shoemaker
Dales Ann, Blacksmith
Keighthley Thomas, Shoemaker
Keighthley Wm., Carrier to Brigg
Nickolson Frs., agent to C. Winn Esq.
Saltmarshe Arthur, Esq., Hall
Taylor George, Shopkeeper
Thompson Enoch, Shopkeeper and Tailor
Toole George, Schoolmaster
Walker James, Wheelwright
Abbey Thomas
Bennett Charles
Brown Richard
Coulbeck Wm., Miller
Dee Thomas, Santon
Dodds Thomas, Raventhorpe
Hutchinson Thomas, Thornholme
Johnson Joseph
Smith Hutchinson
Smith John
Smith Wm., Sand House
Wood Wm., High Santon
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