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Whites Gazeteer 1842 (Read 9038 times)
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Whites Gazeteer 1842
17. Jun 2006 at 15:15
Alkborough, an extract from Whites Gazeteer and directory of Lincolnshire 1842
Alkborough, or Aulkborough, 2.5 miles N. of Burton Stather, is a pleasant village on the east side of the Trent Falls, the point where the broad united waters of the Ouse and Trent take the name of Humber.  It stands near the northern termination of the long and lofty hill, or cliff, from which it has its name.  Its parish contains 492 souls, and 2767a 1r. 15p., of land, including the hamlet of Walcot, in which is Walcot Hall, a pleasant mansion, with beautiful grounds on the cliff side, about a mile south of the village, commanding extensive prospects, and built about 40 years ago by the late Thomas Goulton, esq., but now the seat of his nephew, Marmaduke Constable, Esq., the present lord of the manors of Alkborough-Hallgarth, and Alkborough-Spalding Priory, which are parcels of the Duchy of Lancaster.  He is also owner of a great part of the soil; and the remainder belongs to J. Dent Esq., and many smaller freeholders and copyholders; the latter subject to certain small fines.  On the summit of Alkborough Hill, south of the town, is a circular Roman Labryinth, called the Julian Bower; the winding trenches of which are often threaded by visitors, and are still very distinct, though at least 14 centuries have elapsed since their formation.  This maze, like many others in this island, was constructed for the exercise of one of the Roman games, introduced from Troy by Julus, the son of Eneas.  Adjacent to it, are traces of a large encampment, which Stukeley considers the Aqius of Ravenus, and describes as being 300 feet square, and having on its west side the steep cliff overhanging the Trent, and commanding the entrance to that river.  The vallum and ditch may still be distinctly traced in what is now called "Countess Close;"  and during some recent excavations, wrought stones were dug up, which had evidently been jambs and mullions, and proving that a custrum, or watchtower, has stood here to guard the entrance to the Trent and Ouse.  Kell Well is a remarkable spring, issuing from a cave in the cliff, overhanging with trees, chiefly for the star stones found in its channel, and said to be similar to those which were carried about by the ancients as amulets, or lucky stones.  the parish has generally a sandy soil, and the low grounds near the Humber have been much improved by warping.
The Church (St. John the Baptist,) is an ancient structure, which has suffered greatly as a result of injudicious alterations.  one of its bells is curiously cast and bears a long inscription.  the vicarage, valued in K.B. at 310, was augmented with 400 of Q.A.B., in 1817.  It is now, with that of Whitton annexed to it, valued at 209, in the alternate patronage of the Bishop of Lincoln and M. Constable Esq.  The Rev. John Wilson is the incumbent and m. Constable Esq., is the impropriator, but the tithes were commuted for allotments, at the enclosure, except  for a small modus paid to the vicar, who has 51 acres of glebe.  The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here; the former rebuilt in 1840.  An old Almshouse, divided into 10 tenements, with a rood of garden ground, has been occupied by parish paupers from time immemorial.  At the enclosure, in 1765, a yearly rent charge of 1. 12s., was awarded to the poor in lieu of common rights; and it is paid by the lord of the manor, who also pays 10s. a year to the parish clerk, pursuant to the same enclosure award.
Atkin Alexander, Gardener &c.
Arnold Robert, Beerhouse and Baker
Betts John, Carrier to Brigg
Booth martin, Tailor
Carr Thomas, Wheelwright
Constable Mdk., Esq., Walcot Hall
Dickinson John, Schoolmaster
Dickinson William, Parish Clerk  
Easton Mrs. Susannah
Foster Wm., Butcher
Harris Wm., Shopkeeper
Reynolds Thomas, Tailor
Spilman John, Shopkeeper and Carrier
Sutton John, Gentleman
Teanby Isaac, Wheelwright
Topham Wm., Blacksmith
Winn Wm., Corn Miller
York Benj. & John, Bricklayers
*are Cattle Dlrs.
Andrew Robert
*Brumby John
Betts Thomas
Coopland Wm., Chief Constable, Walcot
Dickinson Ann & Ellen
Foster John
*Fulstow John
*Hill Richard
Huteson John
Johnson gregory
Naylor John
Tock Wm.
Tripp Thomas
Walker Wm.
*Wray Wm.
Hobson John
Neal Thomas
Stephenson Rt.
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