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Message started by PWB100 on 24. Feb 2008 at 13:51

Title: U13 Ferrier & Wilson
Post by PWB100 on 24. Feb 2008 at 13:51

I have to ask if anyone else in this league has played Isle Utd and been absolutely appalled at the discipline within the team. Bottesford played them today and I have to say, having watched this game and every other bottesford game for the past 5 or 6 years, this was the first game I have not enjoyed. The team have been beaten regularly, often by 16 or so goals, but at the end I still enjoyed watching because that is what football is about. For the first time I have to say the game was ruined by a team that crossed the fine line between aggression and dirty tactics and this was fueled further by a manager that was actively inciting his team to play dirty. This obviously upset parents so much that they made verbal protests to the Isle Utd manager but instead of trying to defuse the situation he incited their anger further with some comments that he made. One of our parents even had to remind the manager that it was a game of football involving 12/13 year old children who were there to play a game of football whether they win or lose. Once again his reaction to this was one of sarcasm and not a response you would expect from someone setting an example for his team and maintaining standards.

The game was without incident in the first half and Isle Utd were leading 5 - 0. During the second half, with two early goals from Bottesford the Isle team really started to show their true colours. A decision by the referee in which the Isle manager disagreed with, caused him to make comments to his team implying that the referees decision was wrong and that they should just go for us. "Go for us" is exactly what they did with some seriously rash and dangerous challenges that could have easily resulted in serious injury. Even after a sending off the team continued in this ugly and irresponsible manner with the manager doing nothing to try and calm the situation down - in fact at times doing the opposite.

What made the whole game 'sad' in my eyes was the way in which the Isle Utd players were laughing and at times cheering when Bottesford players were down injured. Once again this seemed to be acceptable by the Isle Utd manager.

Sorry for the rant but I feel very strongly about this and would like to know if any other teams in this league have had similar experiences with the dirty, irresponsible and reckless attitude of this manager and his team. This is not how the game of football should be allowed to be played.

An official letter will also be sent to the league about this game.

Title: Re: U13 Ferrier & Wilson
Post by Paul Spencer on 24. Feb 2008 at 18:56

Having played Isle united several times this season i am shocked to hear you story from today, i found them nothing but proffesional, they have always given us a tough game but at times you have to stand strong but physically never had an issue. However each time i have played them there always seems to be some one different in charge.

It is never nice to hear a story like yours it is all too easy to react to a situation at times and even as a coach of App Frod Juniors even i find it hard at times to keep calm but you have to.


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