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Title: Bridge Bash - 25 Year Celebrations
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Bridge Bash - Jubilee
For full details of whats on etc.

Is anybody planning to take part in any of the events ???

Title: Re: Bridge Bash - 25 Year Celebrations
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Thoughts on the Bridge Bash
I feel there was a lot of time, effort & money put into all the
events but the biggest let down was the advertisement. I realise
there was a website, I downloaded the
programme of events to plan my visit(s). This told you what was
planned but was clearly out of date and never gave any accurate times
for the events.
I really wanted to take some pics of the firework display - this was
not even mentioned on the schedule I downloaded, so I went down to
ask both the police and a couple of stewards I could find - they
didn't know.
Finally, I decided to go to the middle of the bridge and ask the
people doing the display - they told me the display was at 10:45pm.

I went down to Wateredge to take some pics to find probably 200 - 300
ish people there - I would have thought it would have been absolutely
packed down there even though it was late for kids (but it was the
weekend - Kids could have had a lay in on Sunday). I know for a fact
there were loads of people who were gutted they missed the chance of
seeing what was a brilliant display for the fact that they didn't
know it was on. It must have cost a fortune !!!
The Humber Fest also looked a dissapointment - not because of the
music/bands but the amount of people who attended - Why was this ? An
all day concert in the sun for 5 quid !!!

Also there were 3 X balloon rides planned 7am & 7pm, to my knowledge
only 1 went up on Sat morning.

Anyway if you did miss the Fireworks please feel free to browse
through a few pics...

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