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Title: Whites Gazeteer 1842
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Brigg, an extract from Whites Gazeteer and directory of Lincolnshire 1842
BRIGG, or GLANFORD BRIGG, is a neat, well-built, and thriving market town, on the navigable river Ancholme, in a broad level vale of rich and well-drained marshes and cars, bounded on the east and west by the woody and highly cultivated acclivities of the Wolds. It is a distant 10 miles S. by W. of Barton, 9 miles W.N.W. of Caistor, 24 miles N. by E. of Lincoln, 16 miles S.S.W. of Hull, and 10 miles S. of the Humber, from which the Ancholme is navigable to Bishop Bridge, 10 miles above Brigg, and 5 miles from Market Rasen; and by a branch cut to Moorton, 3, 1/2 miles  from Caistor. The township and chapelry of Brigg is in the parish and manor of Wrawby, and contains nearly 2000 acres of land. Its population amounted, in 1801, to 1327; in 1811, to 1361; in 1821, to 1674; in 1831, to 1780; in 1841, to 1816; but the town extends into three other parishes, and its total number of inhabitants is about 2300, of whom about 430 are on the west side of the river, in Broughton and Scawby parishes, and about 60 in the eastern suburb, which is Bigby parish. The etymology of Glanford is unknown, but it may perhaps be a corruption of Clamford, from the clamps, or planks of timber, laid down in ancient times across the ford and its swampy approaches, where a good road and strong stone bridge were subsequently constructed. It is in some legal documents and other writings called Glamford Briggs. After the erection of the bridge, the town obtained the name of Brigg. It was formerly only a small fishing hamlet; but since the improvement and the extension of the Ancholme navigation, and the drainage of the cars and marshes in the vale of that river, about the commencement of the present century, it has been continually increasing in trade, commerce, buildings, and population. The navigation was considerably improved in 1826, so as to admit vessels of 60 tons burden as high as Bishop Bridge.

Much business is done here in corn, coal, and timber; and here are several corn mills, two roperies, two tan and fellmongers' yards and several malt kilns. The town was formerly very extensively engaged in dressing rabbit skins and fur, but this trade has considerably declined since the enclosure of most of the large warrens of Lincolnshire. Several of the inhabitants are owners of small trading vessels, and packets sail daily with passengers to Ferriby Sluice, to meet the Hull steamers. The market, held every Thursday, is numerously attended, and well supplied with corn and all sorts of provisions. Here is also a large fair for horses, cattle, and sheep, on the 5th of August, and a hiring for servants on the Friday before Old May-day. Petty sessions are held once a fortnight, and a court of requests for the recovery of debts not exceeding 5, once a month, at the Town hall, under which is the butter market. Glanford Brigg Union, for which a large Workhouse was built here a few years ago, comprises fifty parishes and townships. In the reign of King John, an hospital was founded here by Adam Paynel, subordinate to Selby Abbey, but all traces of it disappeared many years ago. In 1699, a small Chapel of Ease was built in the town, chiefly at the expense of four gentlemen, named Atkinson, Jolland, Benson, and Dempster; three of whom bequeathed property for the benefit of a lecturer or curate, to be appointed by the trustees of the Free School, and to read prayers once a day, and preach every Sunday, as assistant to the vicar of Wrawby, who is virtually both patron and incumbent of the curacy. The Lectureship has generally been held by the head master of the free school, and is now enjoyed by the Rev. Charles Cotterill, B.A.  The endowment consists of a homestead and about 30 acres of land, at North Kelsey, let for 30 per annum, and mostly derived from the bequest of George Jolland, in 1712, and partly from the bequests of  Richard Benson and a Mr. Dempster, about 1740.

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This chapel having been long too small for the increasing population of the town, a handsome church is now building by subscription and a grant from the Church Building Society, at the cost of bout 3000, in the Gothic style, with a tower 82 feet high. This handsome fabric is now in rapid progress, and will be finished in 1842. The stone was given by Sir John Nelthorpe, whose lady laid the first stone, August 16th, 1841. The Independents and the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here, and the two latter were built in 1840. That belonging to the Wesleyans is in lieu of the old chapel, now converted into a school, and was opened January 1st, 1841. It is a large and handsome building, in the Grecian style of architecture, of white brick, with stone dressings. The FREE SCHOOL was founded by Sir John Nelthorpe, Bart., who, by will, in 1669, directed his executors to build a "fair school-house and dwelling-house upon his closes, called the Town's-end closes, at Brigg, and endow the intended school with the said closes, and also with all his lands and hereditaments at Horncastle, West Ashby, Ulceby, and Fullsby; the Townsend Closes, and the lands at Horncastle and West Ashby, with one oiety of the estate at Fullsby, to be for the maintenance of the headmaster; the lands at Ulceby to be for the support of the usher, and the other moiety of the estate at Fullsby, to be expended in providing lodgings, diet, clothes, and books, for as many boys of Legsby and Fullsby, as the income would maintain in the said school, where the founder directed that they should be educated with the other scholars until they have learnt to read and write, and attained "good skill in arithmatic." He further directed that all the children of the inhabitants of Brigg, Wrawby, Messingham, North Kelsey, Legsby, Ulceby, Fullsby, West Ashby, Scalby; Broughton and Castlethorpe, should be taught the Latin, (Greek and Hebrew languages, "to write also and arithmetic," and should have their learning Gratis; and that all other children sent to the said school from other places, should be taught to read, write, and cast accounts without any charge whatever. The Earl of Yarborough, Sir. C.J.Anderson, R.C.Elwes, Esq.,(lord of the manor,) and T.G.Corbett,Esq., are the acting trustees.

There are two commodious dwelling-houses for the master and usher, and two large school-rooms. The number of scholars was, till recently, limited to 80, but the ushers school being now conducted on the national system, 130 boys were admitted. Beside the free occupation of the Town's-end Closes (9A. 2R., worth 30 per annum,) the master receives 200 yearly from the rents of the estates at Fullsby, Horncastle, and West Ashby, which are let for 239. 12s. per annum, of which 198 is derived from the Fullsby estate, one half of which ought to be appropriated  in maintaining poor boys of Fullsby and Legsby though there has rarely been more than one boy on this branch of the foundation. The Usher's estate at Ulceby has been increased by allotments awarded  to it under an enclosure act, passed in 1824, from about upwards of 175A., and from the yearly value of 84 to 237, from which, however, there has to be deducted 157. 10s. per annum to pay the interest of 3500 borrowed to pay the enclosure expenses; so that the usher only receives 60 per annum, and the remaining 19. 10s. is retained to pay for repairs,&c. The founder also bequeathed a house at Gainsbro', to pay the expenses of the school trustees, and it is now let for 15 per annum. William Thorold, about the year 1664, left a yearly rent-charge of 40s., out of two cottages here, for apprenticing a poor boy. A Subscription Library was established here about eight years ago; and there is in the town an excellent Brass Band, established by the Earl of Yarborough, in connexion with his troop of Yeomanry Cavalry.

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Those marked 1 are in Bigby Street;
2, Butchery, 3, Bridge Street,
4, Bridge-end, 5, Market Place
6, Nicholson's yard; 7, Paradise Place;
8, Scawby Brook; 9, Wrawby Street;
10, Mill Place.

POST-OFFICE at Mr. Fredk. Horatio
Atkinson's, Bridge Street
Letters are recieved and despatched daily to
and from all parts, at about 10 min.
before 1 afternoon.

Abbott Benjamin, M.D. Wrawby St
Barnett Joseph, gent. Mill Place
1 Bird Charles, attorney's clerk
5 Booth George, draper and grocer
8 Brewer Robert, appraiser
2 Capes Charles, relieving officer
9 Capes Hannah, shopkeeper
5 Colton Cath, basket and coopery dlr
9 Cook Mrs. Fishmonger
Darley Mrs. Anne, Bigby Street
Darley Joseph, Mariner, Butchery
Ellis F. draper, &c. Market place
1 Elwes Dudley Chpr.Cary, Esq
Garfit Fredk. solicitor; h Bigby st
Gualk James', musician, Bridge st
Goodwin Mrs Mary, Bridge st
8 Greenfield Mr. Charles
Hett John, solicitor; h Bridge st
8 Hill Frances, earthenware dealer
Johnson capt. Richard, Mill place
Kelk Mrs Jane, Bigby st

3 Kennington Wm. upholsterer
Lofley John, gun maker, Market pl
8 Marshall Joseph, lime burner
3 M'Narrin Peter, poulterer
Nicholson Mrs Susannah, Market pl
Oates Christopher, sail mfr. Bdg st
Owston Mrs Anne, Wrawby st
Owston Robert. solicitor, Bigby St
Pilfoot Mr Francis, Scawby brook
2 Quarmby Jane, pattern maker
3 Roberts James, sergeant major
7 Rogerson Rev Thos. (Wesleyan)
Rudkin Mrs. Wrawby street
3 sergeant Anthony M.brewer
2 Schorfell Wm. chair maker
Sharp John, hatter, Robinson row
3 Slight Joseph, ship & boat builder
9 Smale Percival, veterinary surgeon
Smith Mr John, Butchery
3 Smith Adam, engineer
Spring Jonth, auctioneer & sheriffs officer, Bigby Street
3 Stringfellow Thomas, confectioner
8 Stubbins Mary, basket maker
Trevethick James, officer of excise
Watkinson Mrs Ann, Butchery
2 Watmuff James, worsted manfr
8 Welburn Geo. Wm. land surveyor
10 Wiglesworth John, supervisor
6 Wilson Rev John (Wesleyan)
Young Edward,Esq. Wrawby st
Holgate Patterson (commisioner of Bankruptcies.) Wrawbt Street
Nicholson & Hett, (clerks to magistrates, Court of requests, &c.) Market Place
Owston & Garfit (notaries) Bigby st
Lincoln & Lindsey Banking Co. (on Precott & Co) John Nicholson, Manager, Market Place
Smith, Ellison & Co (on Smith, Payne & Smiths;) Joshua Baraclough, agent, Wrawby Street
Saving's Bank, Town Hall (open Thursday.) Rd. Tummon, actuary

5 Ancholme Tavern, David Burton
5 Angel Inn, (posting) Thos. Dawson
3 Brocklesby Ox, Wm.Hill
1 Coach and Horses, Thos. Cressey
9 Cross Keys, Wm. Ashton
1 Gladiator, Edward Clark
2 Hammer-in-Hand, Eliz. Withers
5 Hope, James Jarvis
1 Lamb, Diana Green
5 Lion Hotel (posting,) Wm. Squire
2 Lord Nelson, Jonth. Quipp.
9 Red Lion, Mary Cressey
3 Wheat Sheaf, Diana Green
3 White Hart, James Sutton
9 White Horse, John Stringer
1 William IV. John Trower
5 WoolPack, Mary Stringer
1 Bennet Fras.
2 Capes Anne
Free School Rev. Chas, Cotterill, B.A. and Wm. Barrett
1 Hemsworth F.
6 Sergeant F.
6 Lingard Mary
Spring Thomas
1 Munday Geo.
9 Otter Wm.
9 Pennythorne W.
Sergeant Misses
5 Quipp John
2 Thompson Chs.
3 Garthwaite J.
3 Mundey Anne
8 Trower Edwin

3 Chapman Jph.
5 Smith Samuel
1 Whitworth Jn.
2 Withars Rd.
3 Atkinson F.H.
9 Ball Thomas
1 Leaberry  Rt.
5 Palmer Henry
8 Addleshaw Jn.
1 Barratt Fra.
9 Cawkwell Chs.
Colton Thos.B.
9 Daddy A & Son
9 Houldworth
2 Rauns John
2 Rowbottom J.
9 Smith Thomas
Spring Thomas
2 Spring Thomas
3 Wilkinson Juo.
5 Wray Edward
9 Wray Joseph
5 Smith Edward
5 Young Thomas
Andrew Thomas
2 Barron Stephen
Baynton Isaac
1 Clark Wm.
5 Jarvis & Colton (brick and tile makers)
2 Sergeant Thos.

9 Ashton Wm.
5 Clark Richard
1 Cressey John
9 Gladwin and Simpson
9 Jackson H.T.
9 Mundey John
9 Tong David
3 Atkinson Rbt.and William
8 Bell Wm. (coal only)
7 Darley Wm., (nav. toll colr)
5 Dawber John
4 Gladwin Benj.
6 Hayton Thos.
4 Knott Wm.
6 Storey Thomas
Taylor Robert
10 Atkinson A.
10 Bratley John
1 Gummerson W.
9 Otter Wm.
3 Oxtoby John
5 Ball Thomas
3 Britton Wm.
9 Marston J.W.
5 Nicholson and Sons
5 County John
Leeds 7 Yorks.
Owston & Garfit
9 Phoenix, Thos.Ball
1 Morley and Swinscow
5 Nainby and Ellis
9 Cooper Esther
Maw George
2 Spring John
1 Trower John

GLASS Dlrs. &c.
9 Ballans David
5 Booth & Ellis
5 Bradley Frans.
3 Fowler George
1 Gummerson W.
5 Hildyard Hy. and Robert
1 Mason Edward
9 Otter Wm.
5 Smith Samuel
9 Codd Wm. Geo.
9 Henderson W.
1 Quipp Jonth
3 Hart J. engineer
5 Smith Samuel
5 Hildyard Hy. and Robert
5 Smith Edward
5 Young Thomas
2 Leggott David
3 Marshall Wm.
Mason Wm.
3 Parker Joseph
6 Roberts Alfred
1 Robinson Fdk.(cabinet maker)
9 Wilson Robert
5 Booth and Ellis
9 Cook Jane
9 Jenney Hy.Jn.
1 Mason Edward
5 Wells Richard

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10 Bratley John
5 Clark Johu
3 Parker James and Joseph
3 Atkinson Robt. and William
5 Dawber John
4 Gladwin Benj.
7 Horncastle Jph.(cake &bone)
Marr Henry (& hone and seed crusher)Steam Mills
9 Andrew Sarah
9 Green Jane
5 Gurnell & Bradley (jewellers)
3 Hart James
3 Chapman Dnl.
6 Senyard Wm.
3 Chapman Dnl.
3 Cheesman Jno.
3Cheesman Toft.
9 Driffill John
9 Lyne Hannah
3 Temple James
2 Anderton Cus.
9 Potter Thomas
9 Potter Wm.
9 Spring Chpr.
9 Akeroyd Han.
5 Clark Susanh.
9 Cook Charlottte
3 Stubbins Mary

9 Bennet Wm.(registrar)
1 Jones Wm.A.
3 Marston Hy.
5 Paterson Robt.
9 Cawkwell My.
1 Clark Charles
9 Eccles John
9 Driffill John
5 Gregory Betsey
1 Havercroft W.
5 Hornsby Eliz.
1 Overton Geo.
9 Storr Wm.
9 Thompson Ths.
9 Toft Joseph
3 Wilson Wm.
9 Ballans David
5 Booth & Ellis
8 Clark John, Castlethorpe
Parker James, Silversides
3 Park Joseph
3 Slight Edward
3 Atkinson Robt. and William
Cunningham Js.
7 Darley Wm.
5 Dawber John
4 Gladwin Benj.
Green Samuel
6 Hayton Thos.
Hill George
Pounder Wm.
Trafford and Fowler
9 Bartle George
9 Henderson Jn.
9 Robinson Wm.
9 Wray John
3 Hildyard Hy. and Robert
5 Nicholson & sons
1 Bartle Anne
3 Slight Edward
3 Trolley Geo.
5 Smith Samuel Withers Road
5 Dawber John
4 Gladwin Benj.

From the Angel and Lion Hotels.
Mails to Hull and London, via New Holland, at 1 afternoon.
Imperial, to Nottingham, half past 9 morning; and to Hull, half past 5 afternoon (except Sunday)
Express, to Hull, 1/4 before 12 noon.
To Ferriby Sluice, at 1/2 past 6 mng, to meet the Humber Steam Packets(except Sunday and Thurs.)
From the various Wharfs, once or twice a week, to Hull, Leeds, Wakefield, &c. (see vessel owners).
(Attend on Thursday, except otherwise expressed.)
Marked 1, put up at the Ancholme Tavern; 2 White Hart; 3 Wheat Sheaf; 4 Black Bull; 5 Lion; 6 Sun; and 7, Woolpack.
Alkborough, John Betts, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Appleby, William Keighley and J. Spilman, Tueday, Thurs. & Sat
1 Ashby, Thomas Kendall
2 Ashby, Everatt Jackson
1 Atterby, William Keightley
1 Barnetby, Johu Manders
5 Barnetby, Edward Smith
4 Barrow, James Gibson
5 Barton and Lincoln, Wilson and Hardy's wagons, twice a week
4 Bigby, Thomas Raynor
1 Blyton, Joseph Moody
1 Bouby, Richard Drinkall
Broughton, John |Ellis
2 Burringham-Sutton
5 Elsham, George Beedham and W. Henson
1 Glentham, John Prescott
1 Grassby, Edward Hall
1 Hibaldstow, Wm. Ratton
Hull and Barton, Francis Easton, from the Butchery
4 Keelby, James Trimmingham
4 Kelsey, D. Holton,& I.W.Robinson
4 Kirmington, N.Denton, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
6 Kirton, Cornelius Fenwick, and 3 J.bennett and W. Hather
5 Limber, Robert Davy
Lincoln (see Barton)
1 Messingham, Thomas Lockwood
! Nettleton, Robert Willey
Scawby, John Young
2 Scunthorpe, J.Huteson
2 Scotter, Wm. Marris
5 Ulceby, Robert Clayton
2 Waddingham, John Ingram
7 Winterton,H.Gilding and T.Wells, daily
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