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Alkborough - North Lincolnshire
Alkborough was once thought to be the location that the Romans called Aquis but this name is now usually associated with the town of Buxton in Derbyshire (Aquis Arnemetiae).

The Doomsday Book (1086) referred to the village as Alchebarge.
Other names - for the village include Alchebarue, Hautebarg, Alke Bere and Awkeburgh.

The name - can be translated to 'the ridge-like cliff above the mooring pool of the river'. (Eminson) , alterntively 'wood or grave of a man called Alca'. (Mills)
-borough - fortified place - (Old English - burh, burg)
Today, local people pronounce the place name as "Auckboro" or "Auckbro".

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