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Alkborough - North Lincolnshire
Julian's Bower - Turf Maze

The Village
is best known for the Ancient Turf Maze Julian's Bower from where you can view (on a clear day)York Minster in the North. The maze is located on the Western side of the village close to the Cliff Edge is one of only three remaining turf mazes left in Britain.
The maze is a unicursal turf maze, 43 feet (13 m) across, of indeterminate age.

Firm documentary evidence of its existence only seems to date from 1697 however, when it was noticed, on his travels, by the Yorkshire antiquary Abraham de la Pryme.

According to Arthur Mee's book Lincolnshire the maze was cut by monks in the 12th century, but White's Lincolnshire Directory of 1872 maintains that it was constructed in Roman times as part of a game. Others think that while the feature is of Roman origin, it was later used by the Medieval Church for some sort of penitential purposes and only reverted to its former use as an amusement or diversion, after the Reformation.

In case the maze becomes overgrown or otherwise indistinct, its pattern is recorded, in a 19th century stained glass church window, on the floor of the church porch and also on the gravestone of James Goulton Constable, which is in Alkborough cemetery.

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